Letter from Our Distiller

chad 2-64xOur distillery was born out of workday jokes and a passion and thirst for more innovative spirits. Late in 2012, while working in an upscale liquor store, I began musing over possibilities for different ways of aging spirits. Spurred on by the lack of innovation in so called “Craft Spirits" I began spouting off ideas. Whiskey aged on dried river wood or Brandy on the charred remains of a Stradivarius, the possibilities were insane and endless.After learning the ropes from a very helpful distiller and a few failed experiments I felt I was ready to move on and have a go at this on a professional level. Finding the funds and business experience was the first challenge. I reached out to Paolo Rosi of Via Vecchia, I knew through my work as an artist and I was soon connected with David Chew. David's experience with logistics and ability to develop a sustainable business model brought us to where we are today. It took three years and a lot of jumping through regulatory hoops but in early 2015 we began producing our first products.One of the obvious obstacles for a young distillery is production of a quality spirit in a short amount of time. Everyone handles this in different ways from bottling bulk spirits from another distillery to putting out un-aged whiskey and vodka. Having no taste for vodka or white whiskey, I sought another solution.With lots of trial and error I developed a whiskey that delivered flavors typically associated with extended aging. Instead of following a traditional mash bill, I started from scratch and developed a recipe that fairly equally blends Barley, Rye, and Oats. In addition to , I replaced part of the Barley with heavily roasted Barley typically used in the production of Stout beer. While close, I still wasn’t quite where I wanted to be. Being a fan of the heavily peated whiskies from Scotland but also looking for a homespun twist I turned toward Gin production. I took a bit of un-aged whiskey and re-distilled it with some Apples I had smoked at home. Finally I had what would become our first product. Dear Johnny, a Smoked Apple Flavored Whiskey. While it is flavored, it’s flavored in the most natural of ways. Whiskey re-distilled with smoked apples and blended with barrel aged whiskey of the same recipe.In the summer of 2015 we laid down our first barrels of whiskey and went to work on developing future releases including a Mint and Lime Flavored Rum and an Absinthe using different eau de vies for the base and herbs not traditionally associated with the spirit.Be sure to look for experimentation, innovation and more releases from us in the future!Cheers! Chad Kessler Chief Distiller