Food Reclamation

Our Dear Johnny Whiskey uses apples from Lynds Fruit Farm.  We smoke them ourselves for 24 hours before steeping them in our unaged whiskey.  After days of infusion we redistill the whiskey with the smoked apples in the still.  In addition to an amazing unique whiskey we are also left with cooked smoked apples with a hint of whiskey flavor.  One very long day at the still without much to eat and the apple mash started to smell very tempting.  Turns out it tasted amazing!We looked around for someone who would be able to find a use for this byproduct of our whiskey.  It was too good to go to waste.  Ever hear of Food Reclamation?  I had not heard this term until I met Jeannie at Glass Rooster Cannery.  She explained that finding new uses for excess food and food waste is the latest trend in sustainable living.Freshly made BBQ SauceJeannie was amazing!  Her cannery not only offers classes and a huge variety of tasty products but she's also able to create new recipes out of thin air and a well stocked kitchen.  The results are now available in a delicious Smoked Apple Barbecue Sauce!Dear Johnnys spent grains go to feed livestock at Bluescreek Farm Meats and now our apples are used to make Barbecue Sauce.  I can't wait to make some brisket and drink some whiskey and know not a single ingredient went to waste.