Writer's Block, a fitting title...

The second spirit I produced for 451 was meant to be acounterpoint to Dear Johnny. Despite my love for big, bold, smoky spirits; Ialso knew I wanted something on the other end of the spectrum to show weweren't a one trick pony. Something lighter and easier drinking. A yin to theyang. Life is all about balance.

I also knew that not everyone loves whiskey, it's not a perfect world after all!


I know a lot of women that love and appreciate whiskey.

This one however, does not.

The entire premise of 451 Spirits is to create unique,innovative spirits using traditional methods. We considered spiced rum butthere are already plenty of those out there and we didn't feel we add anythingto add at the time to the cinnamon, nutmeg & vanilla conversation.

Other folks have that covered.

The idea that eventually emerged then was essentially a Mojito in a bottle. Rum re-distilled with mint and lime zest. We started with a classic molasses base that was then fermented and double distilled before being infused with the aforementioned ingredients before undergoing a third distillation. This was all blended to taste until we were happy with the result.

And the name?

Being that our distillery name is a literary reference we thought we'd follow that line of thought. Most people, if they're at all familiar with literature, when asked about authors and rum they will usually bring up Ernest Hemingway. He was notoriously fond of the stuff (and any drink in front of him to be honest) and spent a significant amount of time in the Keys and Caribbean.


There was one problem however.

His estate has a pretty firm grip on his name and likeness.Highly unlikely we could make an obvious nod to him without getting sued.Unwilling to let go of the idea though we kept searching for a solution. Thatsolution came with my partner Dave declaring that since we had Writer's Block,why not just name it that?

So there you go, there's a story behind every label. Sometimes the logic is just hidden beneath the surface.